iSkelter LIFTPro Electric Desk

Finding the right workspace for your requirements is no mean feat and once you do come across it, you’ll typically just know and that is probably going to be the case for thousands of chaps when they get their hands on the latest bit of awesomeness to emerge from the iSkelter stable that goes by the name of the LIFTPro Electric Desk.

As the name alludes to, this is no ordinary desk from the chaps at iSkelter, this one is good deal more functional than the norm and will really be the ideal solution to your workspace requirements in 2015. The modular nature of the design means that you can add various different components to your workspace as you see fit and if you want cupholders, iPad stands and much more besides, you’ll find exactly this with the LIFTPro.

The main design feature of this spiffing looking desk, however, is the fact that heighten and lower your desk height at the touch of the button to provide the most conducive working conditions for you. The great looking LIFTPro is available in a number of different materials and, as mentioned, can be modified to meet your requirements. Check out a few more shots of this impressive construct below:




skelter1 DSC_5906

The design team at iSkelter are clearly a restless bunch as seldom does a month go by without a new piece of first rate design emerging from their workshop and the LIFTPro Electric Desk is undoubtedly one of their most impressive offerings to date. If you demand a workspace that is overflowing in functionality and provides space for your array of gadgetry in a highly intuitive manner then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with iSkelter’s latest offering.

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