VSSL Flask Light

When out in the wild, the more birds you can kill with one stone (figuratively speaking) the better and that’s why great little accessories like the VSSL Flask Light are definitely going to resonate with those who spend a large amount of time out in the great outdoors.

The VSSL Flask Light is the world’s first, virtually indestructible, dual mode flashlight which, somewhat brilliantly, is also designed to safely hold your favourite craft beer or tipple. When you’re out in the woods or on some sort of camping expedition, there are few tools more useful than that of a torch but who knew that it’s usefulness could be ramped up still further by filling it with booze and making it look awesome – the chaps at VSSL obviously.

Truly built to last and withstand either the harshest of elements, this impressive looking outdoor accessory will likely be the first thing that most chaps will pack when they are bitten by the camping bug and it would unquestionably be our go to outdoors accessory here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few more shots below of the brilliant looking VSSL Flask Light:



vssl_hands1 2015-01-19_10.27.12_1024x1024 vssl_selects_02

We’re exactly the sort who will require a steady supply of booze when hitting the great outdoors here at Coolector HQ and that explains why we’ve fallen so hard for the fantastic looking VSSL Flask Light that will unquestionably add a great level of inebriation to future camping trips.

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