Ivee Voice Activated Assistant

We’ve been keeping our beady eye on the awesome pieces of gadgetry to emerge from the CES event and one of our favourites was undoubtedly the fantastically advanced and, perhaps more importantly, awesome looking Ivee Voice Activated Assistant which could soon be making our lives a whole lot easier around Coolector HQ.

Capable of understanding your commands and responding to them accordingly, the Ivee is definitely the sort of technology that we can get on board with and we’re firm fans of its vibrant colouration and effortless visual appeal. Always just a “Hello Ivee” away from answering your queries, this spiffing device can control your Wi-Fi devices and can interact with all manner of technology increased deployed in modern homes such as Nest thermostats and internet enabled door looks.


If you’re after a new device for all your home that you can interact with and which gives your more data than you can shake a stick at then the Ivee will tick all of the right boxes.

Price: $230

Available: Hello Ivee

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