IXOOST Sound Systems

If you’re the sort of chap who likes to make a statement with their home audio system then you’re in for a veritable treat in the form of the visually stunning sound systems available from IXOOST which are not only highly capable from a technological point of view but also boast an aesthetic of unparalleled grandeur to boot.

Industrial design is something that we find extremely engaging here at Coolector HQ and there are few occasions where we’ve seen it more ably executed than with these stunning sound systems from an Italian technology purveyors, IXOOST, and we’re sure that there will be plenty of others out there who have fallen for the automotive looking charms of these first rate sound systems.

Made by hand in Modena, Italy, the stunning devices boast an impeccable sound performance that is only match by their, frankly, jaw-droppingly awesome design and for those after a statement piece of technology in the home then this is surely it. Check out a few more shots of these awesome devices below:




Flawlessly designed and offering top of the range performance, these sound systems from IXOOST are really unique and painfully cool and, therefore, exactly the sort of gadgetry that will appeal to those who want to fill their homes and offices with technology that not only performs remarkably well but which is also a real focal point.

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