James Brand Pike Pocket Knife

For those men that take their EDC tools seriously, you’ll know only too well that a high quality pocket knife is one of the cornerstones of your collection and, truth be told, you’ll find few better candidates for this role than the fantastic looking Pike Pocket Knife from The James Brand. This ace piece of EDC is ideal for your day to day tasks and for heading out into the wild in search of adventure and camping experiences.

The James Brand Pike Pocket Knife has a pleasing price tag of $125 or $120 for the Huckberry Exclusive colourway of Rosewood Brass. This classy bit of kit is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and it will definitely be one of the most versatile and functional pieces of equipment in any man’s line up of accessories this Fall. It is a handsome, vintage-style pocket knife that boasts a heritage quality that will last for generations.

Impeccable Quality

This top notch pocket knife from The James Brand is a contemporary take on the vintage folding knife and it has been bought well and truly into the 21st century with a simple and elegant design that will make it stand out within your EDC line up. It is available in three different colourways from Huckberry – Black, OD Green and the Huckberry exclusive, Rosewood Brass – so you can pick that one that best tallies with your style sensibilities.

The James Brand Pike Pocket Knife (from $120) is a great tool for all your daily needs and outdoor adventures alike. It boasts a classic non-locking slip-joint construction that makes it quick and easy to use and won’t let you down from a performance perspective no matter the task you are undertaking.

Depending on the colourway you pick, the handle scale will either be made from G10, a high-pressure fibreglass composite that’s incredibly strong and water-resistant (found on the black version) or  Micarta, a composite resin known for its strength (used on the OD Green version). The Huckberry Exclusive version has a Rosewood and Brass handle that adds a pleasing vintage touch to proceedings.

Contemporary Classic in the Making

Imagine, if you will, a classic folder knife – that unbeatable discovery from a vintage shop case, an heirloom scored from your grandfather’s collection. Now imagine that knife has been crafted with the minimalist design and modern knifemaking skills that The James Brand brings to every piece of EDC they make and you’ll have this awesome Pike Pocket Knife.

Made with a sleek Sandvik steel blade and high quality materials throughout, The Pike is a non-locking, slip-joint knife that’s slim, aesthetically superior, and designed for your pocket instead of your hip. It’ll impress you every time you make use of its functionality, and it’ll impress your descendants when they use it a generation from now. An essential piece of EDC in our opinion here at The Coolector.

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