Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Finding a pair of headphones that doesn’t consistently let you down in terms of performance when it comes to exercising is no mean feat and, if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you will have burnt your way through a fair few pairs in search of the perfect pair. Well, you could have saved yourself some considerable time by making a bee-line for the brilliant looking Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Sport Headphones which pack a punch in terms of performance and appearance.

The Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Sport Headphones are a mightily impressive piece of kit that claims to rewrite the Bluetooth rule book to deliver wireless sound quite unlike anything you’ve heard before and, all the while, providing an equally as impressive battery life.

Cracking features abound with the X2 Headphones by Jaybird and just some of the most striking include Shift Premium Bluetooth Audio, SignalPlus for skip free music outdoors and an 8-hour super capacity battery. Take a look at a few more shots below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]https://vimeo.com/135970173[/vimeo]






It makes all the difference to your work out routines to be able to listen to your music without the constant threat of losing your headphones or not getting the sound quality that you demand. Well, the Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones alleviate all these concerns and provide stellar performance coupled with attractive design.

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