Mr Jones Number Cruncher Watch

With so many watchmakers out there having a somewhat stuffy attitude to their craft it’s always to see brands who are prepared to have a bit more fun with it and make timepieces with a bit more visual gravitas and artistic flair. Mr Jones are one such watchmaker and one of their most eye-catching timepieces of late is definitely this Number Cruncher Watch which boasts an awesome looking illustration from Onorio D’Epiro right on the dial.

This Mr Jones Number Cruncher Watch represents fantastic value for money and costs just £195 which, for a timepiece this striking and well made, is a small price to pay. Mr Jones are a British watch brand who don’t follow trends and aren’t afraid to furrow their own path. They’re shepherds not sheep of the watchmaking industry and there are few better examples of this fact than the superb looking Number Cruncher Watch with its monstrous illustration offering a visual impact like few others on your wrist.

Playful Design

Featuring one of the monster illustrations which Onorio D’Epiro is synonymous with, this excellent Number Cruncher Watch from Mr Jones is just one of many out of this world timepieces available from this British watch brand. Always unconventional, Mr Jones work really hard to deliver unique and interesting designs – their interest is not, nor will it ever be in producing something that looks like a Rolex (given that Rolex already do that rather well). It is their interest to craft something distinctive that is entirely unique to them such as this bonkers but brilliant Number Cruncher Watch.

The Mr Jones Number Cruncher Watch (£195) is a creative and colourful watch, that is designed to encourage you to have fun with your time. This playfully designed timepiece is the handiwork of artist and character designer Onorio D’Epiro with the monster having the hour in his hand and the minutes in his stomach in a movement that will make telling the time perhaps more challenging than the norm but certainly more entertaining and engaging.

Aesthetically superior, the Number Cruncher Watch from Mr Jones has the monster plucking the hours from the sky, while the minutes churn around in his stomach, mixing with all the debris of his rampage. Monsters feature heavily in the artwork of D’Epiro and he has a fascination with monsters and weird, wonderful creatures which stems from his childish imagination and a love of simple, bold design. This timepiece aims to try and tell a miniature story with a snapshot of a narrative which makes the wearer feel a range of emotions for the monster in his new surroundings.

First Class Craftsmanship

Each one of these Number Cruncher Watches from Mr Jones is printed and assembled in their London studio and the craftsmanship on offer is exemplary. Each colour on the components was printed in turn – with the glasses alone having been through 12 separate printings. This will add a touch of flair to any wrist this summer and for those seeking a timepiece that refuses to confirm, this is the ideal choice in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

The Number Cruncher Watch represents a great entry level watch purchase and the fact you can get it on your wrist for under £200 is amazing considering its brilliant design and quality. This watch is re-issue of the limited edition Number Cruncher, the colour palette and the strap has been changed to distinguish it from the limited version. It has a ST1721, 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement which means the watch has no battery and it is powered by your movement and a striking and comfortable stainless steel strap.

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