Villa Cinquecento

Contemporary architecture is very much up our street here at Coolector HQ and for those who are equally enamoured with modern pieces of design, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of Villa Cinquecento from NAPUR Architects. The property can be found in Budapest, Hungary, and has some of the most striking design features you’re likely to encounter. Arriving at this stunning home will be an event not soon forgotten.

The beauty of Villa Cinquecento from NAPUR Architects is plain to see and when the designers were tasked with redesigning it, it was clear that they had a big job on their hands to do such a eye-catching structure justice. They worked closely with the current owners to deliver a home that works on so many different levels and it is a spectacular sight both inside and out. Villa Cinquecento is located in a steeply wooded part of Budapest, and it is designed as a highly responsive property that embeds itself into the hillside effortlessly.

Architecture Masterclass

Everywhere you cast your eye both inside and outside of Villa Cinquecento you’re going to see some mighty impressive design features which make the most of the space. Located in a part of Budapest with plenty of narrow streets, steep and dramatic slopes; plots where the woody, steep bushy landscape is not only stretching extensively and infinitely from one corner of the horizon to the other, but it almost feels like it’s at your fingertips. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more stunning home than Villa Cinquecento anywhere in the whole of Budapest.

The natural landscape that surrounds Villa Cinquecento played a large part in helping inform the floor plan of the property. It has been set out to really make the most of the views and the wonderful landscapes that surround the home and each room has been carefully considered to ensure it’s in the perfect spot for the homeowners. One item that the owners of the villa really wanted to make sure had pride of place was their classic Fiat 500 Nuova which has it’s own little garage offering on the entrance to the property which ensures that it gets the visibility that it deserves.

This phenomenal dwelling certainly is not a typical structure and it does a fantastic job of effortlessly communicating in 360 degrees towards its surroundings and making sure that the homeowners views are optimised in every room. This brilliant piece of architecture from NAPUR is a building that really does emphasise a strong view of the landscape from specific perspectives and offers all sort of relaxing spaces in which to unwind and rejuvenate the batteries.

Understated Interiors

There is nothing too flashy about the interiors of Villa Cinquecento and the architects have done a great job of keeping everything looking as it should both inside and out. Concrete is a prevalent material on the exterior of this villa and this is something which continues inside to give the home a cooling vibe that will make it such a welcoming space for the homeowners day in, day out.

We’re mighty impressed with what NAPUR Architects have achieved with Villa Cinquecento in Budapest and if you love modern architecture as we do, you’ll likely have had your head turned as well. We’re loving the fact that the car they’re showcasing outside the home isn’t a Ferrari or Lamborghini as you often see with luxury homes but a much more humble Fiat 500. A great car for a great home.

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