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We love our movies here at Coolector HQ and have a real respect for those artists and designers that go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver awesome artwork pertaining to their favourite films. Well, Jordan Bolton, a Manchester based illustrator and designer, is definitely one that falls into this bracket and, similarly to us, seems to have a particular penchant for Wes Anderson films – something that comes across in his fantastic selection of painstakingly crafted Movie Prints.


The quality and attention to detail that has gone into these superb movie prints from Jordan Bolton is second to none and if you like your film artwork on the quirky side, there is plenty to appreciate here and we’re definitely hoping to get a few of these brilliant looking prints hanging above our workspace at Coolector HQ sooner rather than later.

Movie Magic

Truth be told, must of the artwork that we love here at The Coolector will relate to movies in some way but not all of it is as awesome as this great selection of prints from Jordan Bolton. What really sets the artwork of this talented chap apart is the fact he has recreated set designs from hit movies or used props from these films to create minimalist, stylised representations of the movies in a whole new and engaging way.



The likes of Fantastic Mr Fox, Royal Tennebaums, Her, A Single Man and many more come under Bolton’s artistic microscope and the end result is a series of first rate, popular culture inspired prints that are very much up our street here at The Coolector. If you’re also a fan of Anderson et al’s quirky films and design principles, we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of prints here that you’ll fall for as well.


Available in a variety of different sizes to suit the varying wall space you’re looking to accommodate, these gloriously well realised Movie Prints from Jordan Bolton have certainly resonated with us at Coolector HQ and not just because of our love of all things Wes Anderson. They very much stand on their own right and will make the ideal addition to any creative individual’s workspace.

Clever Creations

We’re all for talented artists who are capable of going about the creative process in a whole new way and this is something which can be said of Jordan Bolton and his first class collection of movie artwork. If you’re after some expertly crafted prints for your own workspace and love the works of some of the classiest movie directors out there, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for here.


We can’t wait to see which other movies come under Bolton’s purview in 2017 as he’s definitely captured his own style with these exceptional prints and there is plenty of scope to expand them out into other hit movies and television shows. Fingers crossed.

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