Loyal Stricklin Rich Tan Rucksack

When you’re the sort that is built for adventure and spend a large proportion of your time traversing the great outdoors, you’re going to need a rucksack that can keep up with this manner of lifestyle and, truth be told, we’ve seen few better than this great looking Rich Tan Rucksack from perennial Coolector HQ favourites, Loyal Stricklin.


Loyal Stricklin are based in Opelika and concern themselves with crafting awesome, durable goods such as this gloriously stylish and fantastically well made Rich Tan Rucksack. Unquestionably one of the most aesthetically superior rucksacks you’re likely to encounter, this is the perfect choice if you’re looking to ramp up your style for your autumn and winter adventures this year.

Superior Craftsmanship

Any exploration into the great outdoors this autumn needs a trusty rucksack in tow to carry all of the essentials that you’ll need for your adventures and so far as style, versatility and robustness, you’re not going to find any better than this superb offering from Loyal Stricklin.



The quality of the materials used in the creation from Loyal Stricklin is, as we’ve come to expect from the brand, of the highest quality and principally consists of a 4 ounce Tan Horween Chromexcel with 9 ounce bridle leather straps. The visual impact of this type of leather is second to none and for any man looking for a carry that not only stands out from the crowd but also delivers impeccable performance, you’ll find exactly that with this Rich Tan Rucksack from Loyal Stricklin.


Measuring¬†12 ” wide x 5″ deep x 19″ tall (rolled up) and 25″ when unrolled, you’ll find plenty of storage space within this rucksack for all your EDC essentials and more. The look and feel of this magnificently crafted rucksack really is second to none and it couldn’t be more perfect for any wilderness lovers out there.

Built for Adventure

We love all the wares from Loyal Stricklin here at Coolector HQ and their Rich Tan Rucksack really is indicative of the superior quality and aesthetic appeal of each of their products. This cracking carry will provide the sort of vintage look of carries from yesteryear whilst at the same time providing the functionality and versatility which is a must with today’s modern rucksacks.


The Rich Tan Rucksack from Loyal Stricklin really is the best of both worlds and for any man who is looking to trade up and enhance the quality of their next day to day carry, this amazingly crafted and spectacularly stylish rucksack definitely gets our vote here at The Coolector.

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