Journey Jug

Drinking is an inherently social thing to engage in and here at Coolector HQ, we certainly quaff our fair share of beers so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by this excellent looking project that goes by the name of Journey Jug.

The Journey Jug not only looks awesome but will also add a new, more socially sharable side to your booze imbibing. The idea of the Journey Jug is to fill it with your favourite booze, take plenty of pictures of you enjoying your top notch looking receptacle and then refill it and send it on a journey for another friend to use.

Each Journey Jug has a five digit tracking code which you can input onto their website and see a visual representation of its journey with this be internal or international. As each new person receives the Journey Jug, they will take their own pictures, describe the beer used to fill it and then pass it on to their next chosen recipient. If you have a love of a tipple or two and want an interesting and engaging way of involving your friends and family in this, the Journey Jug will definitely tick all the right boxes. Check it out below:




So, if you want to take your love of booze international in 2014, you should get your hands on one of these tip top Journey Jugs and check out how many cities, countries and continents it is capable of visiting over the next 12 months.

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