Tony Trunks

Tony Trunk

Though we don’t travel quite as much as we would like away from Coolector HQ, we like to think that, when we do, we try and travel with a touch of style but we’re definitely capable of upping our suaveness up a notch or two in 2014 with these wonderfully crafted Tony Trunks from British fashion and accessories craftsman, Tony Logan, who has crafted some awesome looking vintage luggage sets and stuffed them chock full of devilishly dapper goods.

Tony Trunks comes in a number of different collections and it is Logan’s latest iteration, The Passport Series, that has captured our eye here at The Coolector and, as you can see from the image above, it is positively dripping in Don Draper style effortless cool. The Passport Series is a bit of a three parter and consists of the vintage piece of luggage, a spiffing tie-holder and various other knick-naks that will appeal to men’s sensibilities.

The vintage case is crafted from crocodile leather and would most likely please Ron Burgundy in its refinement and though it doubtless doesn’t smell of rich mahogany, it would look great alongside any leather bound books you’ve accumulated. Check out a few more shots below:


Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 21.15.49


We love cool, vintage goods like this here at Coolector HQ and if we go away aplenty in 2014, we’ll definitely try and get our hands on one of Tony’s Trunks.

Price: £190

Available: A Kings Way of Life

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