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It’s hard to believe that the original Jumanji movie came out a quarter of a century ago but it did and here we are. To celebrate this fact, the team at Funky Alien Arts have hand crafted a limited edition series 25th Anniversary Jumanji Board Game sets and it’s funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. Given the popularity of the movie, and just how awesome this looks, you won’t be surprised to hear that this was fully funded in just one hour.

The Jumanji Board Game from Funky Alien Arts on Kickstarter is a fan made collectors replica of the game board that you see in the original movie and it has been created from one, single piece of wood. It isn’t your average recreation, it boasts plenty of eye-catching features that really set it apart from the crowd and we’d definitely love to get our hands on one of these brilliant creations here at Coolector HQ.

It’s A Jungle In Here

First and foremost, the team behind the creation of this Jumanji Board Game are massive fans of the movie and this shines through in the quality of their creation. Their design team consists of graphic designers, 3D printing specialists and woodworkers and they’ve combined their talents to create this impressively detailed recreation of the Jumanji board game that was used as a prop in the hit Robin Williams movie from 1995.

Given the handcrafted nature of this offering and the fact it is available in limited numbers, the Jumanji Board Game on Kickstarter doesn’t come cheap. Costing €269, which in our opinion is still money well spent considering how amazing this replica is, this will likely cost more than any board game you’ve ever invested in but it is also considerably more engaging and eye-catching than Monopoly, Cluedo et al.

They have used a high quality, knot-free hardwood which has been drying for at least two months and the board layout has been precision cut using a 3D wood milling machine to ensure this is an accurate replica aesthetically of the board you see in the original movie. The whole board is made of three pieces of wood which have then been joined using hinges. After the woodworking is completed, they start on the artwork and decorating the board as faithfully to the movie as possible.

Amazing Authenticity

The quality of this build from Funky Alien Arts goes all the way through the design and they’ve placed a 7″ TFT display under the board using Raspberry Pi which will display animations in the centre screen reminiscent to those witnessed in the movie. The board even has the distant drumming sound that was such a memorable part from the film which is delivered from two in-built speakers.

Whilst the €269 price tag is a punchy one to pay for a board game, this clearly isn’t your average offering and is practically a work of art in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. If you love the original movie and want to enjoy playing the ultimate adventure in your own home, head on over to Kickstarter now to get behind the campaign. But be quick, there’s less than 100 boards left.

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