Love Hulten Slagwerk101 Audiovisual Sculpture

We love the designs and creations of Swedish industrial designer, Love Hulten, here at Coolector HQ and his latest piece, the Slagwerk101 Audiovisual Sculpture, might just be one of his craziest but most impressive to date. A treat for the eyes and the ears, this breathtaking piece of industrial design will be quite unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before and it showcases his talents as a designer admirably.

The Love Hulten Slagwerk101 Audiovisual Sculpture is described as a visual element for the stage, it is inspired by and based on percussion instruments. It boasts a conceptual semi-acoustic drum machine which has been crafted around mechanics, used with synchronised backtracks to deliver a performance piece of art that really does have to be seen in order to be fully appreciated.

Contemporary Design

Love Hulten’s design, for the main, are inspired by 80s and 90s video game culture but there is something a touch more modern about this Slagwerk101 Audiovisual Sculpture. This eye-catching machine allows users to program their own rhythms and beats via custom-built controller boards, MIDI signals which are then converted and sent to an array of electromagnetic solenoids, in real-time, for an out of this world visual performance.

The Love Hulten Slagwerk101 Audiovisual Sculpture has drumsticks which are mounted onto the solenoids, which serves the purpose of extending the stroke. When triggered by MIDI, the drumstick will then collide with the acoustic instrument to deliver the mesmerising audio that you have created. It can be used standalone for acoustic drum patterns, but that may not be ideal for everyone so you can use it in a style to suit your needs.

For more audio control with the Slagwerk101, you might want to use it with synchronised MIDI backtracks, which will use personal drum samples and such. This, in turn, lets the machine perform as a visual element on stage and, safe to say, anyone who witnesses it in action will find it hard not to be impressed.

Bonkers But Brilliant

We’ve been following the work of Love Hulten for years now here at Coolector HQ and he never ceases to impress us with his builds but the Slagwerk101 Audiovisual Sculpture is unquestionably one of his most bonkers to date. The system is split into a number of cubic instrument segments, and these cubes can be arranged in a vast array of different configurations.

As stages will invariably be different sizes, so too is the Slagwerk-101. For smaller stages, the cubes could be stacked vertically, like a monolith choir. Whereas in larger spaces, the cubes may be spread out in order to claim the stage, placed separated from each other like sole pieces. We don’t know about you but we think this will definitely add to the stage presence of any musical performance.

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