Jura Whisky 39 ¾

Jura are rightly proud of their whisky and they have a new batch that is about to hit the shelves which they have commissioned London based illustrator, Robbie Brown’s Shoes, to help them to celebrate with the fantastic video above which helps tell the illustrious story of the Jura brand.

Said new batch is a forty year malt but Jura have decided to let the cat out of the bag a little early and given their fans access to a 39 ¾ year aged batch to give them a taste of things to come and, safe to say, for aficionados of Jura whisky, it definitely won’t disappoint.

The illustration by Robbie Brown’s Shoes was made in conjunction with Willie Tait, Jura’s Global Brand Ambassador, to explain the process behind their 40 year aged drop and paints a pretty impressive picture of the brand as a whole. Personally, I’m not much of a whisky drinker (I lack the Don Draper suaveness) but it’s excellent branding and marketing endeavours like this that compel me to dabble so I dare say I will be giving this 40 year aged Jura a bash when it is released. Take a look at a few of the illustrations by Robbie Brown’s Shoes below:


For more information about this new Jura whisky drop and for a chance to get your hands on some head to Jura Whisky.

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