K-1 Stationery Kit

We’re pretty serious about our workspace here at Coolector – insomuch as it’s seriously messy and in constant need of some order being applied to it. We always say that we’ll get round to organising our desk space but, truth be told, we might just have been waiting for the ultimate desk caddy and we might just have found it in the form of the K-1 Stationery Kit.

The creation of Maxim Scherbakov, the K-1 Stationery Kit is named after Konstructor-1 Soviet construction toys and the modular nature of this workspace saviour means that you can configure exactly as you see fit and to your own unique requirements.

With various different materials used in its crafting, such as copper, wood and marble, this eye-catching offering is definitely going to ramp up the style of your desk considerably. Take a look at a few more shots below:










Got a desk in serious need of organisation? Then the K-1 Stationery Kit is going to be somewhat of a godsend with its multiple different configuration options. We love the understated aesthetic of this cracking accessory here at Coolector HQ and there is so many different ways in which it can be deployed that makes it a must for any messy desked individual.

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