Work Hard Anywhere Notebook

Remain focused, particularly when out and about, isn’t something that is always easy, particular to our wandering minds here at The Coolector and that’s why it’s crucial to have a great notebook easily to hand to jot down ideas and inspiration as and when you have them. With this in mind, we’ve seen few more ideally suited to our requirements than these fantastic looking Work Hard Anywhere Notebooks.

Work Hard Anywhere are a brand that champion the cause of working whilst on the go, whether this be in the wilderness or whilst on your travels and they allow for this with some great little accessories such as they wonderfully conceived Work Hard Anywhere Notebooks. This cracking little notebook has been designed in California and crafted in Oregon and if you’re the sort that requires a catalyst for their creativity, it will come in most handy indeed.

Measuring 3.5′ by 5′ for easy pocket portability, the Work Hard Anywhere Notebook has a raised vinyl decal cover design that stands out from the crowd and 32 pages of versatile dot pages for you to commit your doodles, scribbles and ideas to. Take a look at a few more shots below:




These great looking notebooks from Work Hard Anywhere are extremely versatile and just the sort of pocket fodder we require here at The Coolector. Made with 100% recycled papers and vegetable-based inks and made using machines running on renewable energy, you need worry about your carbon footprint when packing one of these away in your pocket.

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