Kaffee Maschine Moto Guzzi Custom Motorbike

There is something about custom motorbikes which is instantly engaging to us here at Coolector HQ – despite our complete lack of knowledge about the industry – and, from a purely aesthetic point of view, we doubt that we’re going to come across many that pack quite the same visual punch as this superb looking Kaffee Maschine Moto Guzzi Custom Motorbike.

For those of you with an affinity for motorbikes and retro style aesthetics, this incredible steed is going to tick all of the right boxes and delivers unparalleled aesthetics alongside top of the range performance. The Kaffee Maschine Moto Guzzi Custom Motorbike is based upon an icon of the racing world, the Le Mans MKIII motorbike, but there are plenty of new design features here that really set it apart from the competition.

Speed Demon

Kaffee Maschine Custom Motorbikes are based out of Hamburg in Germany and are the brainchild of petrolhead, Axel Budde, with this glorious looking Moto Guzzi being one of their crowning glories to date from both a performance and visual perspective. An understated design is brought to life with the striking Jaguar blue paint job on the frame and the classic style finish of the bike really does make it unbelievably appealing and the sort of steed you could imagine Steve McQueen riding.

The Moto Guzzi Custom Motorbike from Kaffee Maschines is a fine example of taking a iconic design and embellishing it in all the right places to provide an unparalleled product that stands on its own two feet – or wheels in this case. Extraordinarily well crafted with an abundance of impressive detailing, this magnificent looking motorbike has certainly caught our eye here at Coolector HQ so we’re sure that there will be plenty of other men much more knowledgeable about the industry clamouring to get their hands on one.

Boasting an electronic ignition system and a pair of 40mm carbonators, the Moto Guzzi is definitely a motorbike that is built to perform and it is all fitted to the eye-catching and painfully cool matte black exhaust pipe as well. The dashboard of this stunning contraption has an amazing Motogadget speedo alongside stylish, brown leather grips with the motorbikes indicators attached at the ends – something which serves to add to the vintage appeal still further.

Classy Customs

Custom designed motorbikes never fail to capture our attention here at Coolector HQ but, truth be told, they’re not always as mesmerising as this cracking contraption from Kaffee Maschines. For those of you with a love of retro style racers, this is going to be the perfect choice of steed in 2017 and the quality of the craftsmanship and customisation elements really is second to none.

Whilst we know next to nothing about motorbikes here at The Coolector, it’s not difficult to be won over by the impactful design and finish of this Kaffee Maschines Moto Guzzi Custom Motorbike and we’re in little doubt that it will become one of the stand out machines for lovers of motorbikes over the next 12 months and we can’t wait to see what this German workshop has in store for the rest of 2017.

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