Dorman House

Architecture typically falls into two categories – namely, creating something new or restoring something and turning it into something extraordinary and, it’s fair to say, that this fantastic piece of design from Austin Maynard Architects that goes by the name of the Dorman House falls firmly in the latter category.

Situated on the Australian coastal town of Lorne, which is famed for its beachside shacks, the Dorman House breaks new ground in a time when many are tearing down these shacks and replacing them with brand spanking new buildings. This is something that Austin Maynard Architects didn’t want any part of and, instead of tearing the shack down, created something that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Coastal Class

The owners of Dorman House came to Austin Maynard Architects with the desire to add an elevated view of the breathtaking ocean but without in any way impacting on the current shack which they loved. Clearly ones up for a challenge, Austin Maynard Architects delivered a stunning solution that makes the most of the current structure and provides an exemplary living space filled with eye-catching interior design features.

In essence, Dorman House is a expertly crafted timber box, which has been constructed separately and made to hover over the existing beach shack in Lorne, Victoria. The elevated extension lies on top of a heavy timber structure and consists of an impressive living space which includes a kitchen, dining and living room which can be accessed via an aesthetically superior spiral staircase.

Sustainability was at the forefront of the architect’s mind when they devised the impressive design for the Dorman House and the vast majority of the glass faces north and all windows are double glazed with thermally separated frames. In addition to this, there is a hood above the northern windows to shield the summer sun yet still achieve optimal passive solar gain in winter.

Impeccable Design

It’s heartening to see that architects strive to maintain what’s already there on some occasions and there are few better examples of this than the Dorman House from Austin Maynard Architects. Completely elevating this so-called “shack” to whole new aesthetic levels and providing the all important sea views make this a fine example of what can be accomplished with existing structures if you’re prepared to put in the effort.

Achieving a sea view is somewhat of the dream for us here at Coolector HQ and something like the Dorman House would suit us down the ground. Expertly improving an existing structure and combining it with superb interior design, this really is an impeccable example of architecture at its finest and one of our favourites of 2017 so far.

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