Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch

The emergence of smartwatches experienced a surge a few years back but the clamour surrounding them has died down a little and, if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you will have been patiently waiting for one to come along that satisfies both your aesthetic requirements and smart tech assistance. Well, the wait might just be over with the Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch funding on Kickstarter now.

Boasting a luxurious design and high quality specifications with multi-function smart features such as fitness, music and notifications, it’s hard not to love the Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch. It is available for the bargain price of just £139 during the Kickstarter campaign, which is over 50% off the expected retail price, now is the time to move if you want to get a great looking smartwatch on your wrist for an unbelievable price.

Smart & Stylish

The beauty of the Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch lies in the fact it doesn’t look like a conventional smartwatch and offers the visual elegance of a more classical timepiece and combines it with the sort of tech orientated performance that today’s contemporary man will appreciate. It has an impressive line up of capabilities that you’re sure to appreciate such as remote music control that lets you select, skip and play songs, fitness tracking for keep tabs on your daily health goals and a remote camera shutter on the casing for capturing the perfect shot every time.

With such a sophisticated design, most people wouldn’t even realise that the WAVE from Larsson & Jennings is a smartwatch at all and each one has been hand crafted to exacting specifications to make sure the look and performance is in a league of its own. Made from a carefully selected range of materials, this first class smartwatch is in keeping with the tradition of excellent watchmaking from Larsson & Jennings but just gives it a more 21st century component.

There are a range of colours and finishes to pick from with the Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch so you can really tailor it to your own unique style aesthetic. This includes gold, stainless steel and black versions which immediately caught our eye here at The Coolector but there are plenty of other options as well. Offering a precision performance without compromise, this fantastic smartwatch will effortlessly fit in with your lifestyle and deliver all the performance of a smartwatch without the sporty appearance.

Premium Feel

With a tangible sense of quality to the touch and a remarkable performance, it’s little wonder that the Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch has taken Kickstarter by storm and flown past their funding target. It has some serious impressive components and materials that set it apart from the competition which include sapphire crystal glass casing, a top class hybrid movement, Panasonic CO3032 battery and screw caseback.

With a sub-£150 price tag during the Kickstarter campaign, you’d be mad not to throw your support behind this Larsson & Jennings WAVE Smartwatch if you’ve had a long held desire for a smartwatch that looks like a traditional timepiece. It has some truly extraordinary features that make it one of the best options out there for those who want the best of both worlds so far as visuals and performance are concerned.

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