Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch

We’ve featured quite a few smartwatches on the pages of The Coolector of late but most of these were just ideas and concepts, a million miles away from becoming a reality. Well, hold the phone, because we’ve just stumbled headfirst across a smartwatch that not only looks as impressive as the concepts we’ve been banging on about but is also well and truly in the works for release. Said smartwatch goes by the name of Kairos and we here at Coolector HQ have only just picked our jaws up off the floor following our viewing of the video above.

What makes the Kairos different from other smartwatches we here you say? Well, let us tell you. Unlike most of the others we’ve featured, the Kairos is actually a fully functional mechanical watch in its own right but boasts an additional transparent colour OLED display that will alert you to various things such as incoming calls and messages. Put simply, you’ll be able to rock a striking and traditional looking timepiece that springs to life as and when you receive information and, truth be told, this is exactly the type of watch we’ve been waiting for at Coolector HQ. Check out a few concept shots of the Kairos below:






We’re hoping that the talented team at Kairos can deliver on what these visuals promise and the fact that their watches are already available for pre-order is an encouraging sign that they’ve got the skills to produce a smartwatch that will really make the other major players in the world of smart technology sit up and take notice.

The Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch has all manner of features above and beyond the call of duty for a timepiece including an activity tracking feature, the ability to act as a remote for your smartphone (taking pictures and what have you) and a GPS enabled world-time function that automatically updates to local time whenever you move between time zones.

Though a tangible product is yet to be witnessed, all the foundations seem to be there with the Kairos and we here at Coolector HQ have got our fingers well and truly crossed that they can pull it off when they are released later this year / early next year.

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