Kalim Beach House

Thailand is certainly one of our favourite countries here at Coolector HQ and it’s hard not to be beguiled by the countries ancient traditions but it is the contemporary architecture that is consistently popping up that has really caught our eye of late. One of the finest examples we’ve seen of this in a while is the great looking Kalim Beach House from Design Qua which can be found in the Tambon Patong region of the country.

The Kalim Beach House from Design Qua really is overflowing with impressive design details that make it ideally suited to Thailand’s tropical climate and when most people think of their dream holiday home, we’re willing to wage it looks something like this. With some 700m2 of living space, it is certainly a sizeable property and it has been so well designed, both inside and out, that everywhere you look is mesmerising – including the stunning sea views that it boasts.

Breathtaking Views

The site of the Kalim Beach House from Design Qua can be found on a hill that boasts a 180-degree view of awe-inspiring Kalim Bay. Beautiful as it is, this was a challenging narrow and vertical site for the design team that had to fit a lot of “house” on it but, as you can see, they’ve accomplished it with aplomb. The house is approached from the top level into a vertical courtyard with a grand staircase that leads the residents into the living and pool level situated below.

With four bedrooms, a large shared living/dining space, and a curved pool, the Kalim Beach House is the perfect spot for rest and relaxation as well as entertaining. Everything is contained within two large board-form concrete walls and the interior design is wonderfully minimalist and welcoming. The building’s main focal point is a vertical courtyard that keeps the surrounding spaces cool and well ventilated. Given the out of this world bay views, the building is west-facing to take full advantage of the glorious Andaman sunsets.

To shade the home from the strong tropical sun and for additional privacy, the designed added huge sliding bamboo screens which have been installed in front of all the upper floor bedrooms. Bamboo is used throughout the house for sun-screening -both vertically and horizontally and adds a pleasing rustic aesthetic . The living level is where a huge infinity-edged swimming pool extends out into the horizon like a giant circular mirror that reflects the sky while echoing the effortless curve of the bay.

Tropical Retreat

The thought of living in a tropical climate with exceptional sea views is surely going to appeal to a lot of people (us included) and when the architecture and interior design is as impressive as what has been achieved with the Kalim Beach House in the Patong region of Thailand, the desire just goes through the roof.

We love Thailand here at The Coolector and there are so many amazing reasons to visit this magical country and you can certainly add their stunning contemporary architecture like this Kalim Beach House to the list of reasons to head to the country.

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