Ritte Satyr Steel Gravel Bike

For anyone serious about their cycling and who is in the market for a new bike in 2020, we’ve come across one that is likely to turn your head in the shape of this excellent looking Ritte Satyr Steel Gravel Bike. These fantastic looking steeds have been designed with adventure in mind based upon the knowledge that the roads haven’t always been paved and we once took to dirt tracks and woodland terrains on two wheels without a second thought and with this Satyr Steel Gravel Bike from Ritte, we shall once again.

The Ritte Satyr Steel Gravel Bike has a starting price of $2250, with complete builds from $3800 so it obviously isn’t an entry level option and is being marketed towards those who really love to get out into the wild on two wheels and test their cycling limits and credentials. Named after a mythical forest creature known to the Romans as a woodland god, the Satyr is the latest Ritte release and one of their most impressive to date. The embodiment of fun and rowdiness, the Satyr was a man built atop the legs of a goat which is fitting for this bike because climb like a goat it does.

Back to Basics

Ritte have really stripped things back with the Tom Kellogg designed Satyr Steel Gravel Bike and focused on the things that are important when on the hunt for adventure. It owes much of its sylvan sprightliness to the guiding hand of the legendary Kellogg, who was tapped up by Ritte to design the frame of this sumptuous steed. From custom tubing spec to geometry influenced by Tom Kellogg’s years of designing balanced frames for championship-winning racers, the Satyr climbs easy and goes down smooth.

Much of the design with the Satyr Steel Gravel Bike from Ritte stems from their All-Road Phantom, but the Satyr definitely dials the dirt party up to 11. But you’d expect nothing less, given this beast has horns! The Satyr clears a 700x43c tire to tackle tough terrain, but it turns in with an eagerness many road bikes simply cannot match. It comes equipped with a T47 bottom bracket and internal cable routing to make sure your cables are protected through the harshest terrains and weather conditions.

It boasts flat mount disc brakes with thru-axles front and rear keep you in control whatever outdoor adventures you find yourself on. The Enve gravel fork ensures direct, confident steering input and comes in differing rakes to perfectly suit each frame size. The Satyr’s custom Reynolds tube set is stiff where you need it to be but tames the trail chatter in a manner that only steel can carry off.

Tested To Its Limits

From the dirt roads of the Berkshires to the backcountry trails of the Sierra Nevadas, the Satyr Gravel Steel Bike from Ritte has been in testing all year in order to showcase its unparalleled capabilities. It’s the bike that truly can ride right out the front door – road to trail it gallops along happily, easily earning its name.

If you’ve got a love of wilderness cycling and find yourself in need of a new set of wheels for 2020, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more accomplished, well made and striking bike than the Satyr. It might not come cheap but the quality on offer really is second to none and it will deliver a performance that is out of this world whatever the terrain.

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