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Precision is everything when it comes to watches and there are some timepieces on the market that really are a cut above in this regard and a prime example of this is the brutishly cool and rugged looking watches from Morganwerk.

Crafted using state of the art technology and materials, the watches from Morganwerk are mighty impressive to say the least and if you’re in the market for a top looking and performing timepiece which is both robust and immeasurably stylish, these will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes. Morganwerk Watches¬†operate with an accumulated off-set of up to +/- 0.75 seconds per year which, if you know your timekeeping, is a very accurate watch indeed.

Morganwerk typically offer limited release timepieces – something that merely serves to add to their appeal still further – and though they are relative newcomers to the world of watchmaking, they’ve already got some glorious looking timepieces under their belt. Check out a few more shots below:








We love our watches here at Coolector HQ and have pretty diverse tastes regarding aesthetics but these ones from Morganwerk pretty much hit the nail on the head in terms of what we look for visually in watches but they also back it up with some magnificent technology and materials for a high end timepiece which certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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