KeySmart Ultimate Charger

If you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, your workspace will be chock full of tech accessories and keeping them all juiced can often be a bit of a chore. Well no longer courtesy of the excellent looking KeySmart Ultimate Charger which will let you power all your devices on your workspace or anywhere you go. The ultimate in portable power.

The KeySmart Ultimate Charger is available for $179.99 and boasts a sleek and stylish aesthetic that will fit in with any workspace. With this great bit of kit, which is an essential for any tech aficionado out there, you can fast-Charge three devices at once including a laptop with 20,000mAh battery capacity and three charging ports (Lighting USB, Micro-USB & Type-C).

Rapid & Reliable

Time is of the essence when it comes to keeping your tech charged and with the KeySmart Ultimate Charger you’ll be able to rapidly fire up your devices such as laptop, smartphones and cameras. With rapid recharging capabilities, it recharges in just 1.25 hrs using a USB-C cable. At full power, it can charge your laptop once, your tablet twice & your phone seven times.

The KeySmart Ultimate Charge ($179.99) is streamlined and lightweight and has all the right features to ensure that any technophile’s workspace is always running at top capacity. Keeping the Ultimate Charger in your backpack is ideal for those occasions when you can’t get to an outlet but need to charge your phone or laptop. Small but perfectly formed, the KeySmart Ultimate Charger is the perfect portable partner.

We’re loving the visual impact of the KeySmart Ultimate Charger which has an ornate and intricate etching which sets it apart from the competition and ensures that it elevates the look and feel of any workspace. If you’re in the market for a new means of ramping up your tech charging credentials this spring and summer, look no further than the Ultimate Charger from the guys at KeySmart.

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