Kings Wild Project Robin Hood Playing Cards

When it comes to adding new decks to our own playing cards line up here at Coolector HQ, the guys at Kings Wild Project are amongst our first ports of call and it’s because of awesome releases like these Robin Hood Playing Cards that this is the case. Overflowing with amazing artwork and a pleasing vintage aesthetic, these cards will appeal to anyone with penchant for Sherwood Forest’s finest.

The Robin Hood Playing Cards from Kings Wild Project have a price tag of $15 and you’ll not find many who make better looking cards with a more tangible sense of quality than Kings Wild Project. The lore of Robin Hood and his band of merry men lends itself perfectly to an eye-catching deck and it has been delivered with some considerable aplomb here.

Aces Wild

The awesome artistic style which has been accomplished with the Robin Hood Playing Cards took their design inspiration from the Bayeux Tapestry – which is a French tapestry from around 1066. If you look closely at each playing card in this top notch deck from Kings Wild Project, you’ll find that designer Jackson Robinson drew every stitch by hand to create this breathtaking display of artistic achievement. 

Visually vibrant and boasting unparalleled artwork, these Robin Hood Playing Cards from Kings Wild Project ($15) are right up our aesthetic street here at Coolector HQ and would definitely be one of the first decks we reach for during the next poker night. The tuck case has been intricately crafted to resemble an ancient book, and includes life-like features to replicate canvas and leather design-work, a book spine, frayed paper edges and finished with realistic wear-n-tear details.

The diptych jokers from the Robin Hood deck from Kings Wild Project are the cornerstone of the release and showcase the legendary first encounter of Robin Hood and Little John. ⁣For anyone who loves English folklore, this amazing deck of cards will certainly tick all of the right boxes and we’re loving everything about them here at The Coolector.

Card Smart

If you’re a fan novelty playing cards, you have come to the right place with Kings Wild Project. They boast a vast selection of custom playing card designs that you just can’t find elsewhere. They also offer new takes on classic designs like the tally ho, for those who enjoy a combination of the contemporary and traditional.

Kings Wild Project also deliver sealed and numbered decks for collections and displays. Each series is crafted to be both effortlessly functional and visually appealing and there are few better examples of this in action than this ace-looking Robin Hood deck.

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