Zero x Deus Motorcycle

Not that we’ve ever owned a motorcycle here at The Coolector but there are certain steeds that have blown our minds from a performance and aesthetic perspective and this Zero x Deus Motorcycle is definitely chief amongst them. This classy looking collab between moto inspired brands is a real sight to behold and sees the two brands join forces to craft the first fully customised Zero Motorcycles SR/S.

The Zero x Deus Motorcycle marks a significant and impressive landmark as Deus’ first electric motorcycle and last Deus build from the iconic custom fabricator, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. If you’re in the market for a motorcycle that scores highly in the uniqueness department with a performance beyond compare, you’ll find this one hard to top in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Electrifying Performance

It’s so different riding an electric motorcycle than a gas powered steed because it’s silent and the power delivery is instant and this awesome looking Zero x Deus Motorcycle delivers pure torque right off the bottom which is an exhilarating experience. You’ll be blown away by just how powerful this classy looking bike is and how quick and how nimble, but also supremely graceful to boot.

The Zero x Deus Motorcycle is a brilliantly designed and executed ride that looks as good as it performs out on the open road. It’s clear that the two brands wanted to bring together a kind of old and new, old shapes that Woolaway, the bike’s designer, grew up with and, and bringing in new technology that gives the bike a well and truly 21st century performance that is beyond any expectations you might have.

It boasts a robust, carbon fibre core mat honeycomb that deliver strength and stiffness in certain areas of the build. The whole thing attaches with four bolts and standard bolt positions and Zero have moulded three pieces to the bike with the main body kit ending up weighing seven pounds before paint. The whole process makes it a pretty complicated bike to create, with a very sophisticated carbon fibre layout.

Devil in the Detail

One of the stand out design choices of the Zero X Deus Motorcycle is the removal of the foot brake which has been replaced with a beautiful custom thumb brake from Spain. Deus’s designer, Woolaway, wanted to highlight the fact that the bike doesn’t have any foot controls. It doesn’t have a shifter, it doesn’t have a foot brake because it doesn’t have a clutch lever because it doesn’t have a clutch lever that can now become the brake.

With the paint scheme, Deus and Zero wanted to highlight that it was mostly carbon so most of the panels are clear coated. Woolaway drew back into like the fifties with scallops and pin striping often witnessed in hot rod style bikes – something we’re certainly loving here at Coolector HQ. An amazing bike collab that is one of the best we’ve seen in 2020 to date.

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