Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera

Certain brands are entirely synonymous with the industry in which they operate and so far as photography is concerned, seldom is this more true than with the icon camera maker, Leica. So whenever they’ve got a limited edition offering on the market, excitement invariably reaches fever pitch and so it has proven once again with this superb looking Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera.

The Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera is a celebration of iconic photographer, Jim Marshall, and his long held affiliation with the Leica brand throughout his illustrious career, taking some truly legendary pictures including his extraordinary jazz photography from the 1960s. This impeccably crafted camera provides a modern interpretation of the sort of cameras Marshall used and delivers it in an eye-catching, retro-style package.

First Class Photography

A limited edition offering, the Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera will be like gold dust amongst Leica aficionados as only 50 are being produced and they will be sold exclusively in North America through Leica Stores and Boutiques. Every one of the cameras will be individually numbered and have Marshall’s signature adorning the top plate for that extra touch of class and authenticity.

The Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera are crafted from aesthetically superior brass components with a visually impactful “Laiton” coating that really makes the camera stand out with a unique, matte finish. The lens is the real stand out feature of this limited edition camera and despite its retro styling, reminiscent of the 1960s, delivers a level of performance that we’ve come to expect in modern photography.

A real attention to detail is apparent with this stunning limited edition camera from Leica and the stylish artisan brown leather strap really adds to the appeal of this cracking device and the strap takes its design inspiration from the Leica M4 camera that Marshall so frequently used whilst capturing his world famous images. For those with a love of retro styled cameras but contemporary capabilities, this Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera is the one for you.

Neat Touches

It’s not just the camera itself that will have you wanted to get your hands on this limited edition Leica release, it is the neat touches of the accessories and paraphernalia that comes along with it such as the Jazz Festival Book, which was published by Reel Art and features a special dust cover. In addition to this, each book is individually numbered and estate embossed and is positively chock full of Marshall’s mesmerising photographs taken during his pomp at the 1960s Jazz Festivals.

For those photography and camera lovers out there, particularly those with deep pockets, this amazing offering from Leica is sure to resonate. Exceptionally well crafted and fill with supremely cool design flourishes, the Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Monochrom Camera won’t be hanging around for long given that only 50 are being made so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you’ll need to move fast.

Price: $13,000

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