Knog PWR Rider Bike Light

Cycling in the dark can be a precarious endeavour indeed and, during these winter months when it’s dark more or less all the time, it’s important to kit your bike out in the sort of kit that will help keep you safe out on the roads. Enter the Knog PWR Rider Bike Light, a clever little piece of kit which, well, does exactly what it says on the tin and will help light your path when cycling in dark areas (but it does a whole lot more besides).

The Knog PWR Rider Bike Light is a a 450 lumen means of illumination which, somewhat excellently, can also be used as a power bank so if your smartphone battery is running on fumes, you can plug it into this cracking bit of kit and give it a much needed boost – something which often vitally important when out riding your bike in the more remote parts of the world. A great bit of cycling kit and one that any regular cyclist should have appended to their handlebars.

Lighting The Way

There is an impressive amount of customisation capacity with the Knog PWR Rider Bike Light and it even lets you program your brightness and runtime (through the use of the ModeMaker app on your smartphone), then this means that you can use your remaining battery to charge your various other devices. Cycling accessories are part and parcel of enjoying your time out on the bike and this brilliant offering from Knog offers plenty of functionality above and beyond merely lighting the road before you.

The Knog PWR Rider Bike Light sends its outputs in an elliptical beam of light for a much wider, brighter road coverage then most other options that you’ll find on the market right now. This impressive bit of kit boasts a two hour battery life at a maximum of 450 lumens and also has four smart battery indicator LEDs which will let the rider know how much charge is remaining in the light – meaning you’ll never be taken by surprise when the light goes out.

When you cycle regularly, you’ll know the importance of always having the right kit and tech in tow and this PWR Rider Bike Light from Knog is made of the right stuff. It comes with two “Charger” lights which have 6 pre-programmed modes, just in case you haven’t yet discovered the ModeMaker app or want the device to take the lead for you on this front. The elliptical beam works with a spot beam for an intense light in front of front wheel to always make sure you can see any obstacles in your way when out on your bike.

Leading Light

Knog are an Australian cycling brand that know a thing or two about creating top notch cycling accessories and gadgets and the PWR Rider Light is the latest piece of awesomeness off their production line. A real stand out feature of the device is the ModeMaker app which lets you design the modes for any PWR bike light. Just plug in your light, pick and tailor modes from the menu so you can do things like control brightness levels, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.

Extremely straightforward to set up – you just need to place your light on the handle bar with “knog” logo on strap facing forward and the touch of a button will deliver all the light you need for all your two wheeled adventures. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on your bike over the next few months, having one of these Knog PWR Rider Lights is definitely the way to go.

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