Kohala Coast Residence

Hawaii is one of the most spectacular places on earth and is none for having fairly active volcanoes but you probably wouldn’t expect a crystalised lava flow to be a design feature for a set of residential properties but that’s exactly what you get with Kohala Coast Residence from De Reus Architects. This extraordinary piece of architecture sees a villa perched atop an expanse of solidified lava, and it provides its residents sweeping views of the leeward side of Hawaii’s Big Island.

A jaw-dropping feat of landscaping and design, Kohala Coast Residence from De Reus Architects is made up of a handful of small buildings and named after the area in which it is found. It was carried out by De Reus Architects, who have a studio with offices in both Hawaii and Idaho and this most surely be one of their most ambitious projects to date.

Exceptional Piece of Design

The buildings of Kohala Coast Residence are perched atop an expanse of blackened igneous rocks, something which is formed when lava solidifies into stone. According to the architects behind this breathtaking build, this particular rock formation dates back to 1801 and that merely serves to add to the appeal of these properties still further in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

By separating up the 10,000 square-foot of Kohala Coast Residence’s different spaces into smaller buildings, the designers wanted to reference the local vernacular architecture and they’ve done an impeccable job of doing exactly that. This design aesthetic has been reinforced by the house’s gabled overhanging roofs and a water feature that is set within an entry court and greets visitors to the home.

Guests enter through a gallery into the property’s principal public area, which joins together the kitchen, living, and dining spaces under high cathedral ceilings that follow the building’s roof outline. The Pacific Ocean sits just beyond and gives the impression of a continuous expanse of water stretching out to the horizon. Instead of positioning the residence to directly face the ocean, the architects decided to angle it ever so slightly, which gives it glancing coastal views. Amazing architecture with a highly unique design quirk.

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