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For those living an adventurous lifestyle and in need of apparel that can keep pace with it, you need to find the right brands that make gear that doesn’t take any prisoners. One such brand is ThruDark who, quite frankly, have some of the highest quality adventure apparel on the market and you’ll be blown away by the impeccable craftsmanship and performance of their wares.

Founded by two former Special Forces member, ThruDark know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting high-performance outerwear and apparel. The name of the brand comes from the endurance required to face the sort of difficult situations faced by those in the armed forces and all of their goods are made from the finest materials to make sure they won’t let you down when push comes to shove.

Check out some of the best high-performance apparel from ThruDark below:

SF Skirmish Jacket (£345)

An unrelenting ripstop, a breathable 3-layer waterproof, no compromise on durability – there’s plenty to appreciate with this ThruDark SF Skirmish Jacket (£345).  Rear back vent and reflective pockets are bonded and sealed using uncompromising YKK Aquaguard® zips, incorporated COHAESIVE™ cord lock technology allows for quick adjustments of the hood and waist.  By making use of ThruDark’s new versatile eVent® fabric for endurance above and beyond your average packable shell, the performance is second to none.  Run without risk, run from nothing, run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. (£345)

SF Charge Shorts (£125)

A shorter version of ThruDark’s SF Charge Trousers, these first-class shorts are ready for hotter climates, which have been hauled up the highest mountains in the world, rappelled down vertical cliffs and thrown out of planes at 14,000ft – so you know they’ll stand up to your outdoor adventures. The SF Charge Shorts from ThruDark (£125) have bespoke trims which are meticulously selected and integrated into a highly flexible ergonomic cut, pockets that have been designed for easy access whilst wearing a climbing harness.  ThruDark have also incorporated all of the mission critical features you could need and eliminated any of the ones that could hold you back.  Nothing is left to chance; go-to, go-anywhere, go-everywhere, go-hard or go-home shorts. (£125)

SF Black Ops DYNEEMA®️ Jumper (£125)

Armoured with hexagonal woven elbows, and using CORDURA®️ and DYNEEMA®️ fibre technology, the SF Black Ops Jumper from ThruDark (£125) is performance personified. DYNEEMA®️ is up to 15 times stronger than steel and two times lighter than carbon fibre and has exceptionally high abrasion resistance properties. Fabrics made with Cordura® are highly resistant to scrapes and abrasions as, for example, it is 10 times more abrasion-resistant than cotton. (£125)

SF Echelon Jacket (£295)

The ThruDark SF Echelon Jacket (£295) is a hard-wearing, no-nonsense all-round utility jacket which is purpose built for every day combat.  Multicam® Black variant utilises a military grade ripstop and dyneema utilises a specially engineered fabric containing both Cordura® and Dyneema® reinforcements on the shoulders, which delivers an enduring abrasion resistance. The body and arms are enhanced with ThruDark’s 4-way stretch, water-resistant fabric allowing for dynamic movements without compromising on performance. Some of the stand out features include two YKK upper arm pockets and two torso pockets. (£295)

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