Kollen Design Desk

We love desks and workspace design here at Coolector HQ and we forever find ourselves on the hunt for eye-catching new designs to appreciate and we’ve found a particularly attractive and versatile looking one in the shape of this Kollen Design Desk which boasts a clean, elegant aesthetic and is designed in such a way so as to make you as productive as possible by keeping your workspace clear and uncluttered.

The Kollen Design Desk is a smart, functional workspace that is geared towards those creative types that need to keep their various tech pieces close at hand and powered. You can reorder the space to your requirements and really make the most of the innovative engaging design of the desk to truly make this workspace your own and one that is really conducive to maximise your work ethic.

Simplistic Design

Minimalism abounds in the design of the Kollen Design Desk and it doesn’t complicate things unnecessarily and instead focuses on creating a workspace that will make for an ordered area with technological components for you to get on with your work. Described as a hybrid between the pragmatism of the industrial product and the aesthetics of sculpture, there is no denying that this desk is a cut above in the style stakes and will make for an engaging place to spend the day working.

Boasting an integrated system of technological components that are sure to come as a godsend to those with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets filling their workspace. It has four USB ports, four plugs and a wireless charger that works by induction so you can simply place your smartphone upon the designated zone to keep it charging. The brilliant looking Kollen Design Desk also comes with a number of storage spaces, an ambient lighting which is activated by a motion sensor, an integrated magnetic whiteboard and a sound and environment separator.

When it comes to choosing a workspace, you want to pick one that delivers all the sort of storage, tech and versatility that you need to be able to carry out your work on a daily basis. From what we’ve seen here at The Coolector, the Kollen Design Desk certainly fulfils all these criteria wonderfully well and will deliver a real aesthetic boost to whichever space you choose to implement it.

Engaging Space

Given that most of us spend vast amounts of each day sitting at our desks, it’s always a good idea to opt for something a little better than the average, bog-standard offering and the Kollen Design Desk is a fine example of the sort of workspace that most of us would gravitate towards in a heartbeat.

If you’re in the market for a new workspace this year and love versatile, minimalistic and well-thought out design, this Kollen Design Desk is sure to resonate with your sensibilities. Great to look at and as functional and tech-ready as it gets, this is definitely one workspace we wouldn’t mind spending our days here at Coolector HQ.

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