Kruk Customs El Gordo Motorbike

The surfing lifestyle of open roads and surfing the waves is a laid back one that will appeal to a lot of men out there and finding the perfect steed to transport you between waves with your surfboard in tow just got a whole lot easier courtesy of Dutch bike workshop, Kruk Customs, and their rather excellent looking El Gordo Motorbike.

The El Gordo Motorbike from Kruk Customs is a real slice of summer and surfing lifestyle with its cool, vibrant aesthetic which has been carefully tailored to ensure it fits in with the way the surf inclined live their lives. This first class contraption is the flagship creation of Kruk Customs and it very much looks like they’ve hit a home run right off the bat. This super cool steed is built upon a  Super 50, a Chinese-made Cub clone which has been imported by Super Motor Company in Amsterdam and the finished product is striking to say the least.

Surf’s Up

Built by two avid surfers and, as luck would have it, one is also a mechanical engineer, the Kruk Customs El Gordo Motorbike definitely has a good pedigree. Taking design inspiration from old-school bikes with surf racks attached, this eye-catching bike boasts an extensive array of subtle but important modifications that will provide not just an aesthetically superior steed for you to head to the beach on but also one that is mighty functional to boot.

The Kruk Customs El Gordo Motorbike does away with the Super 50’s plastic rear fender and have welded in a shortened Honda Cub number with a super cool ducktail on the end for a much more stand out profile for the bike. After this, they chucked on a luggage rack and taillight from their mishmash selection of parts they sourced and the visual impact is very fitting for the surf culture they’re so fond of.

Totally dismantling he steering and headlight set up and rebuilding it piece-by-piece, the El Gordo Bike really began to take shape and look the part. They began with a bespoke-made top yoke and a set of aftermarket handlebar clamps and the handlebars themselves are sourced from a 70s Honda CB and finished off with top notch Beston grips that add a nice visual punch to the proceedings.

Ride in Style

Certainly an eye-catching ride, the El Gordo Motorbike from Kruk Customs in Holland really does resonate with our design sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and we dare say there are many amongst the surfing set itching to get their hands on such an awesome looking contraption. With upgraded rear shocks for a much smoother ride, you’ll be able to get to all your favourite surf spots aboard this top notch custom bike.

Kruk Customs are a brand new bike workshop and the El Gordo is their first release and, if the quality is anything to go by, they’re definitely one to keep an eye on if you love your custom motorbikes. Clearly geared towards those of a surf mentality, this supremely cool and expertly customised bike isn’t going to hang around in their workshop for long we’re sure.

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