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German’s are known for their precision and impeccable craftsmanship so it perhaps shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Germany is home to some extraordinary watchmakers and chief amongst them is the iconic and prestigious Laco brand which boasts a superb array of timepieces to suit almost every conceivable taste.

Laco are a watchmaker with a weighty heritage which is supported by the calibre of the watches that they produce. Established in 1925 in Pforzheim in Germany, Laco are dedicated to crafting traditional, stylish timepieces and really began to make a name for themselves in horology circles when they began incorporating Swiss-made watch movements into their self-manufactured watch cases and the end result was supremely crafted and much loved luxury watches.

There is one collection of timepieces from Laco in particular that have really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and that is their Absolute series of watches, many of which have been bestowed with iF Product Design Awards due to the excellence of their design and construction. The Absolute series of watches from Laco are designed by Dietrich Lubs who actually came out of retirement to play a hand in their creation and we’re mightily glad he did here at The Coolector because the end results are nothing short of spectacular. Check out some of the stunning watches from the Laco Absolute collection below:






There is a distinct design drive behind the creation of Absolute watches from Laco – namely, an objective of crafting an uncluttered timepiece that encompasses geometry to provide a striking, functional and stylish watch and we here at The Coolector can definitely say that its mission accomplished with that one.

The Laco Absolute watches are billed as being “stereotypically German” insomuch as they embrace logic, functionality and high-grade technology and we’re certainly massive fans of the fantastic design of these timepieces and think their iF Design Award is well-justified indeed.

If you’re after a timepiece that is positively overflowing with design excellence, doesn’t cost the earth and adds a considerable sense of style to your wrist, we’ve no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Laco Absolute series of watches. A brilliantly conceived and executed collection that is testament to German precision and design flair and one that we’ve been left thoroughly impressed with here at Coolector HQ. A truly excellent addition to the world of horology.

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