Stone Creek Coffee

I think that it’s fair to say that coffee is one of the few fields in which craft ales are rivalled in terms of creativity and fantastic branding and this has just been proven once again by a brilliant looking Wisconsin based coffee brand that goes by the name of Stone Creek Coffee who have just fallen into our purview here at Coolector HQ.

Stone Creek Coffee have been crafting delicious coffee roasters since 1993 and after outgrowing their single store that they were supplying in the early nineties, Stone Creek are now manufacturing their superb wares throughout Milwaukee and to other coffee chains throughout the USA who have good taste in coffee. This fantastic brand doesn’t just make awesome coffees, they also donates coffee, time and support to over 200 local, non-profit organisations because they firmly believe that successful companies have an obligation to support their local communities.

If you’re a coffee fan on the lookout for new roasters to test your palate, you’ll find plenty enjoy with Stone Creek, who offer an extensive range of coffees to suit every taste and we’re definitely itching to try some of their superb looking roasts here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at some of their excellent looking offerings below:





A well designed coffee brand will always win us over here at The Coolector and whilst it is important that it tastes great too, the battle is already half won with us if we like the look of the brand and that was certainly the case right from the get-go with Stone Creek Coffee.

Offering roasts from all over the world and to cater to all caffeine persuasions, Stone Creek are undoubtedly a name that should be on any coffee lover’s radar and if that’s something that applies to you, you’ll be in you element with the brilliantly roasted and crafted coffees from Stone Creek.

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