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There have been some amazing inventions in the world over the last few centuries and the majority of these will have been subjected to patent requests. Typically speaking this includes detailed drawings of the item and it is some of the more revolutionary products that are subject of these L’Affiche Technique Prints that showcase the patent drawings for some iconic products – be they real or fictional.

We love finding awesome artwork to hang in the Coolector HQ wall space and if, like us, you’ve got a penchant for all things invention, these excellent looking L’Affiche Technique Patent Prints are sure to resonate with your design sensibilities. Ideally suited to any creative workspace, these great looking prints will add a touch of colour and creativity to your walls and, perhaps best of all, they’re available for as little as €15 a piece.

Print Perfection

French design studio L’Affiche Technique are new on our radar here at The Coolector but they’ve certainly hit a home run off the bat with these engaging patent prints that will bring any workspace to life. With a variety of different patent categories to choose from including cars, toys and even Star Wars vehicles, you’re sure to find some prints that fit in with the design aesthetic your looking to cultivate in your home or office.

Needless to say, given our love of the Star Wars universe here at Coolector HQ, it is the AT-AT and Millennium Falcon Prints which have really caught our eye and if you’re similarly enamoured with Skywalker, Solo et al then you’re likely to join us in wanting to have these ace looking prints hanging above your workspace. The L’Affiche Technique Prints are printed on 250g/m2 stock so they have a tangible sense of quality to the touch and the artwork positively pops.

Patent prints aren’t anything new, of course, but there is something about these ones from French design studio, L’Affiche Technique, that really resonates with us here at The Coolector. We always find ourselves on the hunt for new artwork and there is certainly a lot to appreciate about this expansive selection of prints. Regardless of your style, you’ll find a piece of artwork that will effortlessly fit in with your home or office design.

Designs to Suit You

The first class patent inspired prints from L’Affiche Technique are available in a few different sizes – namely, 21×30, 30×40 or 40×60 so regardless of the wall space you’ve got to cover, you’ll be able to find a print size that works for you. With some many different designs and inventions to pick from, you’ll probably end up with a few of these prints for your wall and we’re in little doubt that they’ll be adding plenty more to their range in 2019.

With prices starting as little as €15, you’ll be able to pick up a few of these bargain prints and see the quality for yourself which, if you’re anything like us, will likely compel you to buy a few more. Great quality artwork and materials combine to make these classy prints stand out from the crowd and if you have an interest in the origins of some iconic creations, they will definitely be right up your street.

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