Risko Drawing Desk

When you want to be creative, you’re going to need a workspace conducive to it and if it’s art and drawing that you’ve got in mind, you’ll find few better places to get started than with this superb looking and expertly conceived Risko Drawing Desk. A collaborative project between pencil manufacturer Viarco who partnered up with multidisciplinary studio Digitalab to design a desk space that aims to be the catalyst for abundant creativity.

The fantastically designs and crafted Risko Drawing Desk immediately caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and for anyone in the market for an organised, versatile and functional workspace in 2019, you need look no further. Cleverly designed to offer the sort of creative necessities that will drive inspiration, the Risk Drawing Desk has been designed for drawing, sketching, and painting. On top of being packed with storage, it also houses a roll of paper that you can wind up as you use it, offering plenty of space to be creative.

Creative Catalyst

You’ll know when you find the right workspace because it will compel you to be more creative and productive and if drawing and artwork is your bag, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more suitable solution for your needs than this Risko Drawing Desk. Aesthetically superior and creatively designed to offer the ultimate in drawing workspaces, this cracking desk is crafted from oak wood with a large work surface for most artistic endeavors.

Along the back of the Risko Drawing Desk you’ll find a channel of removable boxes which is the perfect place to store your pencils and paint brushes, along with any other art supplies you need to have close at hand during your creative endeavours. You can also use it as a means of propping your tablet or a book up. Being able to properly organise your desk to avoid clutter is something that is vital when it comes to being creative and keeping the Risko Drawing Desk neat and ordered is a doddle due to its intuitive layout and storage options.

The paper roll and the empty spindle of the Risko Drawing Desk can be discovered hidden within compartments with dials on the front side that let you advance the paper when you’ve run out of space and need a blank canvas on which to be creative. We’re big fans of the clever design of this workspace here at Coolector HQ and the calibre of the craftsmanship really is second to none so for those wanting a new creative place for their day to day in 2019, this would be one of our top picks.

Impressive Accolades

It would appear that it isn’t just us at The Coolector that have been left impressed with the exemplary looking Risko Drawing Desk. It was featured at the Stockholm Furniture Fair as part of the Associative Design ‘Best of Portugal’ exhibition so it’s plain to see that those in the know in design circles are loving the innovative design and first class features of this excellent looking piece of furniture.

The Risko Drawing Desk really is the dream ticket for those with a love of being creative and it also looks fantastic so will effortlessly fit in with any interior design aesthetic that you have at home or in your office. This superb piece of designer furniture has understandably turned heads aplenty and if being more creative is one of your resolutions for 2019, this might just be the thing to help you achieve it.

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