Land Rover Discovery Christmas Cabin

Christmas is just a few days away now so we’re ramping up our festive finds here at Coolector HQ and, from a design point of view, we’ve come across few better than this rather excellent looking Land Rover Discovery Christmas Cabin.

The Land Rover Discovery is definitely one of the roomier vehicles on the market and whilst this is the case, it isn’t quite a cabin built inside one of these glorious machines – no matter how awesome that would be. The Land Rover Discovery Christmas Cabin is a collaboration with Mads Linstrøm of Danish firm Lumo Arkitekter who they tasked with crafting a construct small enough to fit into the back of their Discovery, but large enough to sleep two people.

Incredible Design

It’s no mean feat to have the ability to design a fully functioning cabin for two people that will also fit in the back of a Land Rover Discovery but that’s exactly what Danish architect, Mads Linstrøm, has accomplished with this magnificent Christmas Cabin and it is far from a bog standard offering – it looks comfortable in the extreme.

Measuring 11 by 6.5 feet, the Land Rover Discovery Christmas Cabin offers a small but perfectly formed space in which to relax and unwind and the comfort is boasts is beyond compare. It has large, open windows at each end of the cabin for a great view (if you’ve taken it somewhere picturesque of course) and bathes the space in natural light.

It’s a robust construct as well and is built to withstand the elements – including temperatures as low as -4 degrees fahrenheit – so it’s the perfect escape for these winter months. Impeccably designed and cleverly conceived, the Land Rover Discovery Christmas Cabin is just the sort of design project we appreciate here at Coolector HQ and it’s hard not to be impressed with what they have managed to accomplish.

Christmas Comfort

Cleverly integrated certain components of the Land Rover Discovery into the design and delivering a space which looks incredibly welcoming, this first class design project from Mads Linstrøm really is a sight to behold.

Land Rover are a brand we’ve got a lot of time for here at The Coolector and it’s awesome collaborations and projects like this Christmas Cabin that are the main reason for this. We’ve been left thoroughly impressed with this cracking project that has inexplicably and awesomely managed to get a fully functioning two person cabin to fit in the back of the Discover.

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