Life, By Okinawa

So far as the travelling bucket list goes, Japan sits pretty highly upon it here at Coolector HQ and the desire to travel there is ramped up even more by awesome campaigns like this Life, By Okinawa which does an admirable job of showcasing the enchanting lifestyle of this magnificent looking Japanese prefecture.

To show off the stunning backdrops of Okinawa, Daniel Fuchs, a German blogger with love of fitness was invited to visit the prefecture, which consists of more than 150 islands in the East China Sea between Taiwan and Japan’s mainland and experience a whole new way of tackling fitness.

Fitness First

The way of life in Okinawa is certainly mighty enticing and it is their lifestyle, food and stunning tropical climate which really stand out in this excellent video from Life, By Okinawa and Fuchs experiences the different elements which come together to help promote an active lifestyle.

Daniel Fuchs has a distinct love of fitness regimes and was propelled well and truly outside his comfort zone with this campaign from Life, By Okinawa and you’ll see for yourself just why the region is one of Japan’s hidden gems with the superb video that really does a first rate job of highlighting its many perks.

If, like us, you’ve got a real desire to visit Japan, Life, By Okinawa, a series of videos showcasing its way of life will certainly make you even more tempted to jump on that plane and take in the stunning sights and sounds that it has to offer. A tropical climate and friendly locals combine to make this a real feather in Japan’s cap.

Stunning Scenery

With immaculate beaches and amazing hotels to be enjoyed, it’s easy to see why Okinawa is becoming one of the most popular of Japan’s destinations. Life, By Okinawa are certainly doing a great job of promoting the way of life in the islands there and we’re more tempted than ever to make the trip here at Coolector HQ.

For anyone with a love of travel, this campaign will add to that wanderlust still further and Okinawa is likely to be one of the first ports of call for anyone that wants to experience a traditional way of life in the Far East.

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