Laurent Durieux Vintage Movie Posters

We’re quite ardent movie fans here at Coolector HQ but it is impossible not to notice the inherent laziness that has crept into the world of movie poster design. During the Golden Age of movie making, the poster would have been one of the chief components in enticing people to come watch the movie but, in the era of social media, the importance of the movie poster has been lost and, in the opinion of The Coolector, this is a crying shame.

As luck would have it, however, there are still some out there who concern themselves with awesomeness in the movie poster field and this smashing selection of Vintage Movie Posters from Laurent Durieux is certainly testament to this fact. Durieux is a Brussels based illustrator and graphic artist who has a preoccupation with the likes of H.G Wells and this comes through expertly in his top notch vintage movie posters which, as you can see from some of our favourites above, include a mixture of modern and classic movies.

We’re mightily impressed by the skilled hand of Durieux and wish that there was the same level of excellence pervading the current world of movie poster design because if posters were still designed like this, we dare say that we here at Coolector HQ would be compelled to watch every movie – even the likes of Grown Ups.

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