If They Could Transform

Transformers was one of the defining animations of our youth here at Coolector HQ and we won’t let the Shia Lebouef movies ruin it’s memory for us. And as if to serve as a reminder of Transformers’ awesomeness, we stumbled across this fantastic series of illustrations from Darren Rawlings AKA Rawlsy which takes some of the most iconic movie and film vehicles and gives them the Transformers treatment.

With the likes of Kitt from Nightrider, the Batmobile and the Ghostbusters wagon all given the Transformers’ transformation, Rawlings has captured some of most favourite movie and television vehicles here at The Coolector.

These playful illustrations help us to imagine a much more entertaining Transformers cartoon whereby other vehicles get involved and we dare say if The Cartoon Network or whoever decided to create a new Transformers cartoon incorporating these characters, we’d definitely be tuning in.

Awesome illustrations that hark back to The Coolector HQ’s youth so they’re undoubtedly right up our street but if you’re a fan of the original cartoon, you’ll likely have been left impressed also and we’re hoping that Rawlings chooses to add to his collection of “If They Could Transform” illustrations.

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