Left Field Brewery

We love a good beer here at Coolector HQ and when we come across a great one, few things bring a bigger smile to our face. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve found with the brilliant looking tipples from a Canadian beermeister that goes by the name of Left Field Brewery.

Left Field Brewery is a Toronto based microbrewery who formed with the intention of brewing a smashing array of great tasting beers and whilst they’ve undoubtedly done this, it is their awesome branding that first garnered our attention here at The Coolector. The philosophy of Left Field is to craft distinct, flavourful beers that forgo that obligatory gimmicks that many beer makers rely on and focusing their attention on the taste of their brews and generating a good-time attitude.

There is obviously a baseball theme to the beers from Left Field Brewery and whilst they’ve currently only got a small roster of beers to offer, the ones they do have look decidedly ace. Check out a few below:




It’s not just awesome looking beers that Left Field Brewery have to offer, they’ve also got some great looking apparel to kit yourself out in whilst enjoying their tipples.



Though we’re yet to taste the beers of Left Field Brewery, we’ve been bowled over by their branding and we can’t wait until we get the chance to imbibe their cracking looking selection of beers.

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