Legacy Carbon Fibre Leather Wallet

There are many different types of men out there when it comes to the sort of wallet they want residing in their pocket. Some will want a substantial, sturdy number, others will want something sleek and minimalist and there will be those who choose not to carry a wallet at all. Regardless of your own particular wallet persuasion, it is impossible not to be impressed with the cracking design and innovative nature of the latest carry to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ – say hello to the Legacy Carbon Fibre Wallet.

What differentiates this wallet from every other on the market is an extremely legitimate question to be asking and the answer is this – the Legacy Carbon Fibre Leather Wallet is a slimline, metal core wallet bound in carbon fibre impregnated leather to give a long lasting, durable finish to be handed down from one generation to the next – something which is fairly unprecedented in the world of wallets. Passing on a watch, for example, is commonplace but not so much with wallets but this impressive looking construct may just be the one to ring the changes in this regard.

The Legacy Carbon Fibre Leather Wallet is firmly aimed at those who have grown discontent with shoddily constructed wallets in the past that fall apart at the mere hint of a rain cloud or a two foot drop to the floor. This offering from Legacy is made from considerably sterner stuff and is designed to last a lifetime and, indeed, more. If you’re a man who values resilience and sturdiness in a wallet then this is definitely the one for you and it has no shortage of style and aesthetic appeal to boot so it covers all the bases admirably. Check out a few shots of the Legacy Carbon Fibre Leather Wallet in action below:





There is enough features about this cracking wallet that set it apart from the very crowded wallet marketplace and for anyone with a need for super stylish, robust and intuitive wallet design, this first rate offering from Legacy more than fits the bill. We’re always on the lookout for cool looking wallets here at The Coolector and one crafted from carbon fibre and leather immediately garners attention and, if it does everything it says on the tin, you’ll never need another wallet again after slipping a Legacy Carbon Fibre Leather Wallet into your pocket.

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