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When you think of photography and cameras, there are certain brands that instantly spring to mind and, so far as quality is concerned, Leica invariably tops the list. So, whenever they have a new camera to show off, people will invariably sit up and take notice and so it has proven once again with the stunning Leica TL Camera which is every inch as impressive as we’ve come to expect from the iconic brand.


Not so long ago Leica announced to the world that they were throwing their undeniably impressive hat in to the mirrorless point-and-shoot market with their T model body camera and now they’ve honed this technology and delivered an even more impressive device in the form of the Leica TL Camera.

Photographic Prowess

As we all know, Leica cameras are seldom anything less than perfect and so it looks once again with their superb looking TL Camera. It’s difficult to improve upon perfection perhaps but Leica have certainly given it their best shot with this update on their T model camera and have introduced a whole host of new features that improve upon the predecessor.



A few of the more noticeable improvements with the TL Camera from Leica include a noticeably improved wireless connection alongside a much faster and more streamlined auto-focus functionality. This excellent construct allows for quick point and shoot photography and then facilitates quick editing through the wireless connection to your smartphone that lets you amend the images and upload on the web at your leisure.


The quality of the images that you’re capable of capturing with the Leica TL Camera is rather miraculous and its the sort of camera that can be used for more or less any type of pursuit because it’s extremely portable but delivers the calibre of photography that is suitable for any line of work or pleasure.

Technological Marvel

First rate technology abounds with the Leica TL Camera and it definitely doesn’t disappoint from a specification standpoint. This fantastic camera boasts an ASP-C sensor with 16.5 megapixel resolution that is capable of capturing high speed or low light images courtesy of an ISO range of 100 to 12,500 and shutter speed which reaches a mighty impressive  1/4000 of a second. Pretty jaw-dropping stuff.


There is another stand out feature that is sure to make the Leica TL appeal to camera enthusiasts and this is the fact that it offers an L Bayonet Mount which makes it straightforward to make use of various Leica lenses for your different photography requirements. A phenomenal camera that continues Leica’s always excellent tradition of crafting exceptional equipment.

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