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We’ve got our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ and, it’s fair to say, the guys at O’Douds Apothecary are chief amongst them so when we discovered that their founder, Clayton O’Doud, had teamed up with Zachary from Shear Revival and Dave from Nostalgic Handmade to create a new brand of grooming products specifically for Movember that goes by the name of Weathered Collective, it didn’t surprise us that awesomeness was the end result.


Weathered Collective has a goal which is to work side by side with friends, brands, makers, and artists to create unique projects that embody their passions for first rate products and the first wave of wares celebrating No Shave November, has definitely got us sitting up and taking notice here at Coolector HQ.

A Cut Above

As we’re currently sporting some mighty impressive (in some lights) facial hair of our own here at Coolector HQ, this great selection of grooming products from Weathered Collective is unquestionably resonating well with us right now and, as always, being suckers for incredible branding, this is another reason why we find ourselves gravitating towards the first class wares from this superb looking new brand.



The Weathered Collective has a tagline of “From our hearts, to your hands” which is indicative of the quality which can expect from all of the products to emerge from their men’s grooming stable. Whilst what they currently offer may only be a handful of products, when they are of this quality, that matters not one jot.

A superb looking aftershave, much required beard oil for those Movember face-huggers and an equally as brilliant looking beard balm are the core products of Weathered Collective currently and if you want to instantly ramp up the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, having these on your shelf will definitely do the trick.

Made in the Right Way

It is the aftershave from Weathered Collective that first caught our eye at The Coolector and for any man who is after a much more natural and well made smell this winter, you’ve find it here. With a scent of citrus and amber, the Weathered Collective Aftershave uses Organic Cane Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Essential Oils, Glycerin, Menthol, Aloe, Alum to provide an unparalleled scent that wilderness lovers will appreciate.


The same quality of ingredient can be seen throughout the other grooming products from Weathered Collective and for those who love their brands to be authentic and striving to deliver nothing but the best with all the wares, this is one company that is impossible to ignore.

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