Leitners Ad Maiora Hybrid Smartwatch

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, there is an increasing number of options to choose from truth be told but not many have hit the high notes from a design perspective in our opinion here at The Coolector. Well, that was until we came across this stunning Leitners Ad Maiora Hybrid Smartwatch which is funding over on Kickstarter and has the potential to change the way consumers think about the evolution of smartwatches going forward.

The Leitners Ad Maiora Hybrid Smartwatch on Kickstarter is billed as the unique symbiosis of a high quality mechanical movement alongside an array of smart functions that set it apart from the competition. It is an automatic watch which boasts smart functions aplenty for your daily time management wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and it has a truly compelling aesthetic that expertly straddles the line between smartwatch and more conventional timepiece.

Redefining Automatic Watches

Leitners are striving to change the way you think about automatic watches with their great looking Ad Maiora (which means “towards greater things”) release and it retains the classic design of a mechanical watch with physical hands and premium automatic movement. Leitners have managed to preserve the classic aesthetics and the unique user experience of physical interaction which can only be provided by mechanical watch but coupled it with the all-important technological edge that brings this timepiece into the 21st century.

The smart brain of Ad Maiora from Leitners on Kickstarter is the integrated circuit which delivers most functions you’d expect from a smartwatch. Leitners know that a high-quality display is essential for user experience these days so Ad Maiora is enhanced by the full-dial e-ink display, where you can easily keep track of your schedules, manage your activities, and preview your messages.

Courtesy of the e-ink display, you only need to charge it once per week, which is seven times better than the most popular smart watch on the market. It is designed for versatile use in daily life, so you would not need to combine your classic watches with a smart band anymore. It can be an sophisticated dress watch, or you can use it as a sporty wearable – the choice is yours. You can take it for running or wear it while hiking, thanks to its reliable robustness and smart functions to track your performance.

Chock Full of First Class Features

The Ad Maiora Hybrid Smart Watch goes beyond the traditional time tracking and offers so many more tracking features for your activities. Track your walking, cycling, hiking and other activities with multiple analytics, from GPS positioning and elevation gain measuring, to heart rate censoring and VO2 max monitoring.

Available for a bargain price during the Kickstarter campaign, the Ad Maiora Hybrid Smart Watch from Leitners is going to be an essential purchase for any man looking for the ultimate in adventure ready timepieces that can keep pace with their active lifestyle. Great to look at with a performance to match, what’s not to like?

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