RSVLTS x Ghostbusters Collection

Ghostbusters is pretty much an institution here at Coolector HQ and the first two movies remain amongst our favourites so we’re always on the hunt for bits and pieces that pertain to the awesome franchise. The latest (and one of the most bonkers) to have caught our eye is this wonderfully vibrant series of apparel from RSVLTS which takes its design inspiration from the 80’s classic.

Check out the best bits from the RSVLTS x Ghostbusters Collection below:


Slimer was one of the most memorable characters from the Ghostbusters movie and he gets his chance to shine with this ace looking and visually vibrant GHOSTBUSTERS “HOT DOGS AND SLIME” T-Shirt from RSVLTS ($28). It is made with RSVLTS’ popular, butter-soft blend material which is basically like wearing a comfortable cloud. With Slimer on it. Win, win. ($28)


This shirt excellent RSVLTS x Ghostbusters “AIN’T AFRAID” Shirt ($65) is crafted from the brand’s premium KUNUFLEX™ material, which is the closest you’ll get to Hook & Ladder Company 8. Positively packed full of movie call outs, this shirt is beyond any of the (para) normal things in your wardrobe and will turn heads aplenty whenever you pull it on. WHO YA GONNA CALL??? ($65)


One for the real Ghostbusters aficionado, this eye-catching RSVLTS x Ghostbusters “WHO YA GONNA CALL” Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt ($70) comes with four velcro patches of your four favourite Ghostbusters. Throw on your jumpsuit and proton pack, slide down the pole, hop in the Ecto-1, and head towards the action. This superb looking, long sleeve oxford is ideally suited for an office party, an October wedding, the tap room, or, yes, defending the city from the paranormal. You decide. ($70)

Ghostbusters Slimer Shirt – $65

Slimer puts in another appearance to dramatic effect with this glorious looking Slimer Shirt from RSVLTS ($65). Your favourite hot dog eating green ghoul has a secret – namely, the fact that these Slimers glow under any UV or black light which is a real stand out feature that will make them a real talking point. That’s right, your next Halloween party is about to be knocked up a notch. The shirt is made from KUNUFLEX™ which is RSVLTS’ new four-way stretch material that gives you more stretch to help you smash through walls and slime the lights out. ($65)

GHOSTBUSTERS “OH MY GOZER” Short Sleeve Shirt – $65

Not for shrinking violets, this visually vibrant GHOSTBUSTERS “OH MY GOZER” Short Sleeve Shirt ($65) is a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ. Needless to say, sometimes, the bad guys are just as cool as the good guys. The main bad guys from Ghostbusters i.e. Slimer, Zuul and Vinz Clortho, Gozer, and of course, Stay Puft, all come to life on this Kunuflex shirt with a striking pattern of crossed proton streams and the Temple of Gozer outline. ($65)

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