Leverpresso Coffee Machine

As caffeine addicts here at The Coolector, we’re always on the hunt for coffee related wares that we can get our hands on and we’ve found a belter in the form of this Leverpresso Coffee Machine. If you’re a fan of coffee on the go and need the ideal ally for all your adventures, this Leverpresso is going to be right up your street with its great range of features and design geared towards making delicious coffee on the go.


The Leverpresso Coffee Machine has an intuitive, portable design and comes in a number of different styles and colours to suit your own personal tastes. Clever features and performance can be found everywhere you look with this cool coffee device including its ability to deliver 9-Bar of pressure, manual pressure profiling and the fact that it is BPA free.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Good quality coffee goods can be hard to come by but the Leverpresso Coffee Machine has certainly turned our heads here at Coolector HQ with its mighty impressive line up of features and elegant, effortless cool design. This cracking coffee accessory delivers the perfect espresso extraction using 50mm double espresso filter baskets and a bottomless filter porter with pressure up to 9ATM.

The Leverpresso Coffee Machine uses, as the name suggests, lever technology as it is easiest and most effective way to create high pressure with a small amount of force. In addition to this, it can also maintain a stable pressure of 6 to 9 atmospheres that will influence the final taste of the coffee itself. You can make your own coffee just the way you like it by altering the amount of pressure applied, the water temperature, the amount of coffee you use in the machine and the amount of water.

Designed to be able to be used wherever you go, whether this is something as mundane as your morning commute to work or as enthralling as hiking up a mountain trail, the Leverpresso Coffee Machine is functionality and versatility personified. Extremely easy to use and keep clean, this top notch accessory will rapidly become your go-to when it comes to enjoying and making coffee on the go in 2018.

Robust Design

Built to last from first rate materials, the Leverpresso Coffee Machine is a top quality accessory that deserves a place in your EDC line up of wares, particularly if your affinity for coffee is quite as substantial as ours at The Coolector. Great design ensures an excellent performance and the ability to pick a bright or understated colour is something that is sure to appeal because you can choose one that really suits you.

Coffee fans showed their love for this product by propelling it through a successful Kickstarter campaign and the Leverpresso Coffee Machine is now available to purchase online via their online store. Want to really ramp up your coffee consumption and enjoyment in 2018, this is the product for you.

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