Deus Ex Machina The Goose Motorbike

If you’re a fan of the original Mad Max film by George Miller, then you likely remember the character Jim Goose, often referred to simply as Goose or The Goose. He’s a relatively minor character in the movie but he certainly made a big enough impression to get remembered.

The character inspired Deus Ex Machina’s The Goose motorcycle, which was based on a 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS. The bike works as an ode to the film’s dystopian setting and the Main Force Patrol officer from which it takes its name. For those of you out there with a real love of unusual, striking steeds and expert motorcycle craftsmanship

A Dystopian Custom in Midnight Metallic Green

The Goose is designed to take after the 1977 KZ1000 featured in the film. The team at Deus Customs started with a modern, classically styled sportbike as their base, and then went about customizing it as necessary. The build was centered on a full fairing from Airtech. The team modified the bike to make the fairing fit. From there other design elements could be selected to complete the bike.

The headlight of the Deus Ex Machina The Goose Motorbike was hidden behind a perforated screen and alloy was added to the fairing to give it a distinctive look. The skirt of the fairing needed some modifying as well to accept the 948cc in-line four-cylinder engine. Rather than fit an aftermarket exhaust to the engine, Deus Customs decided to shorten and de-tab the stock exhaust. From there it was covered with a black ceramic coating by Hi-Octane Racing.

The seat on the bike was the team’s next item to tackle. It was fitted with top-quality brown leather by Bad Arse Trim Co, which pairs nicely with the Midnight Metallic Green with slight flake paint applied to most of the bike by Dutchy’s Motorcycle Spray Art. Dutchy’s specializes in custom paint jobs of this sort as well as restorations and repairs.

A Perfect Homage, a Stunning Build

In total, The Goose is a green, brown and silver masterpiece that would be right at home in a dystopian world or at any urban bike rally. The character the bike takes its name from would be proud of this modern classic. The Kawasaki Z900RS is already a bit of a throwback in its stock form, but Dues Ex Machina takes things up a notch with this build.

Whereas the original 2018 Z900RS represents a reinvigoration of the Kawasaki Z1, which has gone on to become an icon in the motorcycle industry, The Goose takes things even further. This is a bike that reaches into cinema. It goes well-beyond the limited confines of the motorcycle industry. The Goose is a cultural piece as well as a seriously cool motorcycle, and that’s what makes it so special.

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