LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Pack

For those with a passion for photography who want the ideal ally for carrying around all their camera gear, it’s an important choice because camera equipment doesn’t come cheap and you want to make sure that it’s properly protected. Enter the LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Pack which doesn’t just do an admirable job of keeping your camera kit safe, it also manages to look great whilst doing it.

Priced at $299, the LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Pack has got all the features you’re going to want from a carry designed for urban adventure and photography. This top class accessory is billed as the ultimate way to stay organised and travel with your prized camera gear and accessories. The SF Camera Pack was designed to be a customisable modular system which you can tailor to your exact equipment needs. It comes with one removable Monterey Camera Insert in the main compartment, but can neatly fit three so you can customise the space around your gear.

Carry Camera Gear In Style

When taking photos whether it be out in the wilderness or some high rise filled urban landscape, you will always want your camera kit to be close at hand and with the LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Pack it will be. This  stylish camera backpack’s two main compartments boast a clam-shell design for the ultimate in access to your gear. In addition, there is a slim zipper compartment with an array of secure pockets that can be used for essentials like memory cards and hard drives, a top-loading zipper compartment for any size laptop, plus two more front pockets for valuables.

The LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Pack delivers the sort of quality we’ve come to expect from this accessories brand here at Coolector HQ and really does provide a first class solution for all your camera porting requirements. It has compression straps on one side of the backpack which can be used to hold the all important tripod when buckled. The water-repellent San Francisco Camera Pack from LEXDRAY has customisable carrying options with robust shoulder straps, two handles so it can be carried vertically or horizontally, and a removable waist strap – so, as you can see, it is a mighty versatile accessory.

$299 seems like a fair price to pay for such a well made and functional camera kit solution and it’s easy to see why this accessory has been one of LEXDRAY’s most popular since launch. With only 500 being made, you’ll need to move quickly to secure yours because there will be plenty of like-minded photography enthusiasts out there looking to snap theirs up. The fact it offers military grade hardware means you’ll be using this bag for many years to come and for all your adventures where taking photos is a priority.

Pocket Priority

For any photography aficionado, you’ll know you need plenty of pockets and storage when it comes to carrying camera gear and the LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Pack doesn’t disappoint. It has 5 exterior zipper pockets with 9 interior zipper pockets which is more than enough for all the essentials of taking the best possible pictures. Importantly, however, it has a customisable layout so that it can still be used with or without camera gear.

With a fair price tag of $299, we’re in little doubt these LEXDRAY San Francisco Camera Packs will be flying off the shelves in 2019 and with just 500 available to purchase, don’t expect to see them still available when spring rolls around. Fantastic craftsmanship and functionality combine to make this the ideal carry for anyone with a serious love of photography and urban exploration.

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